Massive fire in Moscow mall, injuries reported

Up to 14 people, including a child, were reportedly injured in a fire which broke out at a shopping mall in the northeast of Moscow on Monday, Emergencies Ministry sources told Russian media. Four people remain trapped in the building.
The incident occurred at the Rio shopping mall on Dmitrovskoe Highway, the source told Interfax.
"Twelve people have been taken to hospitals, one of them a seven-year-old child," the source said.
TASS reported than the number of people injured has reached 14.
“There’s thick black smoke” as textile products are burning, the source said, adding that “the smoke exhaust system might have malfunctioned in the building.”
Two victims of the fire have been evacuated via helicopter to the N.V. Sklifosovsky Scientific Research Institute of First Aid, the Moscow Aviation Center wrote on Twitter.
Four people remain trapped in the Rio shopping mall, with the rescuers currently trying to reach them, Ilya Denisov, head of the Emergencies Ministry Directorate in Moscow, told TASS.
“People are behind a sealed door. We’re trying to get through to them. Firemen crawl on the floor under the cover of water from fire hoses as there’s a lot of smoke and high temperatures in the building,” Denisov said, adding that those trapped are keeping in contact via cell phones.
A source in the Emergencies Ministry told RIA Novosti that the smoke is covering an area at the Rio mall exceeding 70,000 sq meters.
The ministry has assigned a ‘difficulty rank’ of four to the fire, the second-worst under Russian standards.
“Forty-eight firefighting units (over 150 personnel) have been sent to the site,” its statement read, adding that rescuers are currently searching the mall for people who may have been unable to leave.
The ministry did not elaborate on the number of casualties, but confirmed that there are people injured.
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