Paris incident: Police 'shoot attacker' outside Notre-Dame cathedral

An Algerian student claiming to be an ISIS soldier shouted 'this is for Syria' as he attacked a police officer outside Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday afternoon. 
The man, whose name has not been released, was shot and injured by police after he used a hammer to attack an officer patrolling with two other policemen at 4.30pm local time.
One of the officers responded with two gunshots, which injured the assailant, who was carrying kitchen knives, a hammer and other unsophisticated weapons.
Paris prosecutors opened a counter-terrorism investigation soon after the attack after the hammer-wielding Algerian said he was an 'ISIS soldier of caliphate', according to a probe source.
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb says the attacker cried 'it's for Syria' as he went after officers patrolling an esplanade in front of the famous landmark which is tonight being guarded by soldiers. 
'A man came behind these police officers and, armed with a hammer, started hitting one of them. His colleagues reacted with composure...and fired,' Collomb told reporters near the cathedral in central Paris.
Collomb said the man 'was in hospital,' but had no further details of his condition, adding that the injured attacker seemed to have acted alone.
Police union official Cedric Michel said the man armed with a hammer went after the police officer who was patrolling on the esplanade in front of Notre Dame Cathedral.
Police sources said the officers shot at the man after he refused to stop threatening them with the hammer.  
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