General Election live: it's the final countdown

British Prime Minister Theresa May was met with a chorus of boos and shouts of "vote Labour" as she visited London's biggest meat market in the early hours of the final day of the election campaign.
May, who is widely expected to win re-election in Thursday's vote, was visiting the Smithfield Market in central London with her husband Philip when several butchers started booing, jeering and yelling "vote Labour".
Continuing to smile, the prime minister shook hands with other butchers who were dressed in white on one of the market's many stands.

May called the snap election in April in a bid to increase her majority and strengthen her hand for the Brexit talks but her campaign has struggled in recent weeks due to a series of policy missteps.
The best (or should that be worst) bits from the General Election campaign
If you've not been paying attention over the last six weeks, then here's what you have missed.
If you have, then enjoy the recap.
Labour's Sir Keir Starmer: PM's human rights call is 'diversionary tactic'
The shadow Brexit secretary, and form Director of Public Prosecutions, has accused Theresa May of bringing up human rights laws to deflect from her own record of police cuts while she was Home Secretary.
Sir Keir said human rights laws had "nothing to do" with the reason three attackers were free to carry out a terrorist atrocity in the heart of London.
He said it was important to tackle the root of the problem which was in whether police and intelligence services were risk assessing potential terrorists in the right way, whether they had the resources to get intelligence and whether Theresa May had made decisions in the last eight years "which now have got to be looked at in the cold light of these horrific attacks".
He was also asked about Diane Abbott's future, a question he said was for Jeremy Corbyn.
Meanwhile, it's a 5.30am start for Theresa May at Smithfield Market
It didn't all go to plan, however, when she visited one stall and butchers on another shouted "vote Labour".
Sky's Faisal Islam has breakfast with Tim
Tim Farron is making an anti-hard Brexit breakfast for journalists in Solihull this morning. 
Anti-hard Brexit because it's a British-German cafe... see what he did there? Brexit means breakfast after all
Good morning and welcome to Sky's coverage of the final day of campaigning for the "latest" General Election
The party leaders hit the road today in their final push to get the voters out.
Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron have six stops on their campaign trail and Theresa May five.
They've been up early, Corbyn is already giving his first rally in Glasgow and Tim Farron has been making journalists breakfast.
Dominating is Theresa May's last-minute announcement she is willing to rip up human rights laws to protect the UK from terrorists. She's been accused of a u-turn - her manifesto pledges to remain signatories of the European Convention on Human Rights.
But she has made her dislike of the ECHR clear in the past, although when she became PM said she recognised their was no appetite to pull out.
It's not the first time during the campaign Mrs May has changed her mind on policy - see social care.
Labour's Sir Keir Starmer has been on Sky News this morning accusing her of throwing up human rights to deflect from her own poor record in the Home Office that cut resources making it harder for police and intelligence services to investigate potential terrorists.
Jeremy Corbyn has his own headache in Diane Abbott, who, in the closing days of the campaign, gave an embarrassing interview on Sky News in which she failed to recall any details of a key counter-terrorism review carried out in October.
She's the shadow home secretary so it's very much her patch and it comes after she came unstuck on the numbers when announcing policing policy at the start of the campaign.
Mr Corbyn is now facing questions over whether she will actually be home secretary should Labour win.
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